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The God Atlas bears the burden of bass for the entire planet. It is a daunting challenge but the Hifonics Atlas woofer is built to handle the pressure and deliver the music power. Built with a 2.0” voice coil and 41oz motor assembly, the Atlas woofer is ready to pound the mortals that ride in your automotive throne.

Butyl Surround

Satin black linear Butyl rubber surround along with the Atlas spider helps keep the piston motion of the subwoofer linear and smooth

Satin Black Polypropylene Cone

Heavy Duty injection molded polypropylene cone adds strength to bass energy


Injection molded polypropylene dust cap adds strength to the subwoofer and proudly holds the Hifonics logo and H - mark of the Gods.

P & I Terminals

Nickel-plated 8 gauge P&I (push and insert) speaker terminals to secure MAXXLINK speaker wire connections easily

Cotton Spider

Specialized Hifonics cotton spider, along with the Butyl surround, allows the Atlas woofer to handle more power without adding non-linear distortions.

Spider Collar

Specialized Hifonics spider mount to secure the Atlas spider

D2S Steel Frame

Powder coated D2S Steel Frame is a Deep Draw Stamped Steel design for incredible strength to handle power deep bass

41oz Motor

Double stacked high energy motor assembly with 41oz magnets increases power handling which increases SPL – sound pressure level.

Voice Coil & Former Assembly

Vented aluminum former holds a 2.0” voice coil while allowing the heat to be exchanged through the back pole piece and through the dual REZTx spiders

Motor cover

Heavy Duty ABS to keep the subwoofer looking good and protected from the action in the trunk.

The H Stamp

The Hifonics H is the mark of the Gods.

ATLAS ASW12D4 Nickel-plated P&I (push and insert) speaker terminals
Nickel-plated P&I (push and insert) speaker terminals
ATLAS ASW12D4 Double stacked high energy motor assembly
Double stacked high energy motor assembly
ATLAS ASW12D4 Heavy Duty ABS motor cover
Heavy Duty ABS motor cover


Model ASW12D4
Size 12"
Power Handling RMS 400
Power Handling MAXX 800
Impedance Dual 4-Ohm
Cut-Out Ø 10.94"
Chassis depth from flange 5.32"
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